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Nabatieh Unesco Club (2009)

Nabatieh Unesco Club organized a series of activities in various areas of concerns among which:

o Participation in the Sicily conference in Italy, in assisting the participants and in the preparation of documentary films.

o Contribution in distributing various types of trees to public schools in the region, and in planting more than 1500 of olive trees, rice trees, pines trees, etc, as well as in frequently assisting the municipality of Nabatieh.

o Active role and participation in Nabatieh's environmental project, in terms of environmental awareness programs for youth and the rehabilitation of green spaces.

o Participation of a number of the Club members in Kfarhouna camp with UNDP on development and youth capacities.

o Participation in the preparation and establishment of a modern public library in cooperation with the municipality of Nabatieh.

o Participation in roundtables on youth and public affairs.

o Participation in preparing and implementing the memorial celebration of the researcher and inventor Hassan Kamel al-Sabbah.

o Contribution in organizing an Iftar dinner and Ramadan evening for 50 orphans.

o Participation in the project "Working Together for Sustainable Development" co-organized by the Lebanese National Commission and the Lebanese School of Social Training- USJ. And subsequent to the Ras el-Matn camp, the project of Environmental Parliament was chosen and implemented with the participation of members of the Club, the municipality of Nabatieh and 10 schools of the region.

o Participation of the President and a number of Club members in the Unesco Club Forum in Tunis around addiction, prevention and cultures.

o Welcoming the Tunisian delegation of Unesco Clubs and organizing touristic trips across Lebanon.

o Participation of members of the Club in the program of "Lebanon: the Citizen", around citizenship and preparation of projects and campaigns advocating Southern public affairs.

"Interpersonal Conflict Resolution" training sessions for associated schools and Unesco Clubs (AUB, 11-12/04 - 02/05/2008)

3 training sessions on the subject addressed 51 teachers and students of associated schools, as well as members of Unesco Clubs. The workshops tackled four themes: understanding the conflict; introducing negotiations; conflict resolution tactics; and interpersonal conflict resolution. As a result, participants were able to: acquire skills of interpersonal conflict resolution; build bridges with the other; enhance synergy and cooperation, with those of different backgrounds, and different age (teachers versus school and university students). Follow-up sessions were also held, whereby participants shared their experiences in implementing the skills acquired in resolving familial, professional or social conflicts. Other exercises, such as switching roles between teachers and students, also among the members of the Unesco Clubs, aimed at demonstrating negotiation models.

"Working for Lebanon Recovery and Citizenship Capacity Building" Project in favour of Unesco Club Members (October 2006- March 2007)

The Lebanese National Commission organized a common project for Unesco Clubs entitled "Working Together for Lebanon Recovery and Citizenship Capacity Building", in favor of Unesco Clubs Oct. 2006- March 2007, after securing the financial support from Unesco, due to Israeli aggressions on Lebanon in July 2006. A press conference was organized to announce the the implementation of the project and to distribute certificates for the participants.

The following is the list of workshops executed in the framework of the project:

o (16/03/2007, LNCU offices) The conclusion of the project: Press conference.

o (04/03/2007, Bristol Hotel- Hamra) Follow-up workshop on "Group Facilitation".

o (03/03/2007, Bristol Hotel- Hamra) Follow-up workshop on "Planning a Project and Leadership Skills", in cooperation with Master Plan.

o (13-14/01/2007, Le Méridien Commodore Hotel- Hamra) "Group Facilitation" workshop, in cooperation with Lebanon Conflict Resolution.

o (6-7/01/2007, Beithania- Harissa) "Group Facilitation" workshop, in cooperation with Lebanon Conflict Resolution.

o (16-17/12/2006, American University of Beirut) Follow-up workshop on "Interpersonal Conflict Resolution", in cooperation with Lebanon Conflict Resolution.

o (17-19/11/2006, Al-Abbassieh- Marjeyoun) "Community Service: Reconstruction of Abbassieh Village", in cooperation with Offre Joie.

o (25-29/10/2006, Montana Hotel- Nabatieh) "Interpersonal Conflict Resolution, Group Dynamics and Planning a Developmental Project", in collaboration with Lebanon Conflict Resolution and Master Plan.

The project also included the implementation of individual projects by the Unesco Clubs:

o Nabatieh Unesco Club collaborated with Nabatieh Municipality to install a statue in honor of the inventor Dr. Hassan Kamel Al-Sabbah, and to surround it with a small garden.

o AUB Unesco Club organized Unesco Quiz Tournament, based on a series of questions related to humanitarian, cultural, global and youth matters.

o LAU Unesco Club organized a series of activities to create awareness among LAU students with regards to the concept of conflict resolution.

o USJ Unesco Club implemented a project entitled "Kitabouna", which aimed at establishing a library in Cana village, as a sign of solidarity and sort of cultural reconstruction in a Lebanese area, that has been damaged by the Israeli aggressions in July 2006. The project was intended to mobilize the University students to donate books to the inhabitants of Cana village.

o Haigazian Unesco Club conducted a workshop on "Group Facilitation", whereby the Unesco members shared the skills they have learned with students coming from a number of schools in Beirut district.

AUB Unesco Club (2005)

AUB Unesco Club produced a poster on Cultural Diversity in Lebanon, under the slogan "Don't ask me about my religion, ask me about my nation"; and organized a campaign on dialogue in order to sensitize AUB students on the importance of cultural diversity in the framework of the diffusion of the Declaration of Cultural Diversity.