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Nabatieh Unesco Club (2009)

Nabatieh Unesco Club organized a series of activities in various areas of concerns among which:

o Participation in the Sicily conference in Italy, in assisting the participants and in the preparation of documentary films.

o Contribution in distributing various types of trees to public schools in the region, and in planting more than 1500 of olive trees, rice trees, pines trees, etc, as well as in frequently assisting the municipality of Nabatieh.

o Active role and participation in Nabatieh's environmental project, in terms of environmental awareness programs for youth and the rehabilitation of green spaces.

o Participation of a number of the Club members in Kfarhouna camp with UNDP on development and youth capacities.

o Participation in the preparation and establishment of a modern public library in cooperation with the municipality of Nabatieh.

o Participation in roundtables on youth and public affairs.

o Participation in preparing and implementing the memorial celebration of the researcher and inventor Hassan Kamel al-Sabbah.

o Contribution in organizing an Iftar dinner and Ramadan evening for 50 orphans.

o Participation in the project "Working Together for Sustainable Development" co-organized by the Lebanese National Commission and the Lebanese School of Social Training- USJ. And subsequent to the Ras el-Matn camp, the project of Environmental Parliament was chosen and implemented with the participation of members of the Club, the municipality of Nabatieh and 10 schools of the region.

o Participation of the President and a number of Club members in the Unesco Club Forum in Tunis around addiction, prevention and cultures.

o Welcoming the Tunisian delegation of Unesco Clubs and organizing touristic trips across Lebanon.

o Participation of members of the Club in the program of "Lebanon: the Citizen", around citizenship and preparation of projects and campaigns advocating Southern public affairs.