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"Interpersonal Conflict Resolution" training sessions for associated schools and Unesco Clubs (AUB, 11-12/04 - 02/05/2008)

3 training sessions on the subject addressed 51 teachers and students of associated schools, as well as members of Unesco Clubs. The workshops tackled four themes: understanding the conflict; introducing negotiations; conflict resolution tactics; and interpersonal conflict resolution. As a result, participants were able to: acquire skills of interpersonal conflict resolution; build bridges with the other; enhance synergy and cooperation, with those of different backgrounds, and different age (teachers versus school and university students). Follow-up sessions were also held, whereby participants shared their experiences in implementing the skills acquired in resolving familial, professional or social conflicts. Other exercises, such as switching roles between teachers and students, also among the members of the Unesco Clubs, aimed at demonstrating negotiation models.