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Definition and Aims of Unesco Clubs

Unesco Clubs are an associative movement in support of Unesco's ideals, while they contribute as well to their dissemination in various circles.
They undertake activities directly related to the ideals and principles of the Organization.

Historical Background

The first Unesco Club was set up at Sendai- Japan on July 19, 1947.

Two years later in 1949, the first Unesco Club was founded in Lebanon, being among those leading Unesco Clubs, established in Unesco member states.

Much later, the World Federation of Unesco Clubs and Association (WFUCA) was founded in July 1981.

Role of a Unesco Club

The function of a club may be summed up to three words: Training, Information and Action.

o Training of the club members.
o Informing both the members and the general public by disseminating information about national and world issues.
o Taking action and implementing activities essential to the continued existence of a club.

Categories of Unesco Clubs

Unesco Clubs fall mainly into the following three categories:

o Clubs in schools.
o Clubs in universities.
o Other clubs: adult clubs, cultural clubs, social clubs, etc.

Irrespective of the category that the Unesco Club belongs to, it should have its statutes and bylaws as well as a General Assembly and an executive committee.

Conditions to Establish a Unesco Club

The Lebanese National Commission for Unesco is the only authorized body in Lebanon that is entitled to establish a Unesco Club in Lebanon, and to see its proper coordination with WFUCA and Unesco. So any request to file for a Unesco Club in Lebanon ought to be processed through the Lebanese National Commission.

In addition, the following ought to be observed:

o Avoiding any political activities.
o Adhering to the principles and goals of Unesco in planning activities.
o Presenting the formal request to the National Commission along with the statutes, bylaws and lists of names of the General Assembly and the executive committee.
o Making reference to Unesco in all activities to be undertaken.
o Nominating a coordinator to liaise between the National Commission and the club.