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Meeting for raising awareness regarding “Media Education” (04/12/08)

The meeting was held in collaboration with the UNESCO Beirut Office, within the context of the UNESCO program of Communication and Information. It aimed at raising youth awareness with regards to the role of media, and developing their critical thinking. Around 70 school principals, teachers and parents participated in the meeting. Two professionals helped explain the concept of media education, the background and the needs. The discussion revealed the urgency to provide students with the needed skills to develop their critical thinking and not remain mere “receptors”.

“Lebanese Youth Cultural Reconciliation project – Schools” (25/10/2008); (01/11/2008); (08/11/2008); (15/11/2008)

Taking the form of a series of workshops, the project was launched in collaboration with the UNESCO Beirut Office, with the support of the Norwegian government in the framework of the efforts for early recovery of Lebanon, subsequent to the July War in 2006. The project aimed at promoting cultural dialogue and understanding among youth, raising their awareness about cultural, regional, and religious diversity. 4 main themes were addressed: the role of national heritage in reinforcing the common bonds; mutual understanding of the cultural aspects of religious ceremonies; citizen’s rights and duties; cultural dialogue, tolerance, and mutual respect. Around 331 students belonging to 11 schools coming from 5 Lebanese regions participated in the 4 workshops and worked through various artistic manifestations (documentaries, photography, physical expressions, and drawings), to reflect their understanding of the project’s objectives and targets.

Meeting around “Quality education for all: End exclusion now” (23/04/2008)

The meeting was organized in collaboration with the UNESCO Office in Beirut, under the patronage of the Minister of Education Dr. Khaled Kabbani, and on the occasion of the "Education For All week”. The meeting, which took the form of an open debate, was moderated by Mr. Jihad Al-Zein, editor of An-Nahar Opinion page, with the participation of official representatives, educators, representatives of educational establishments, NGOs active in the domain of special education, international organizations, and media representatives. The debate tackled different dimensions of education, among which:  exclusion, inclusion, quality of education, literacy and other related issues. 

“Interpersonal Conflict Resolution” training sessions for associated schools and Unesco Clubs (11-12/04/2008); (7-8/03/2008) & (05/02/2008)

3 training sessions on the subject addressed 51 teachers and students of associated schools, as well as members of UNESCO Clubs. The workshops tackled four themes: understanding the conflict; introducing negotiations; conflict resolution tactics; and interpersonal conflict resolution. As a result, participants were able to: acquire skills of interpersonal conflict resolution; build bridges with the other; enhance synergy and cooperation, with those of different backgrounds, and different age (teachers versus school and university students). Follow-up sessions were also held, whereby participants shared their experiences in implementing the skills acquired in resolving familial, professional or social conflicts. Other exercises, such as switching roles between teachers and students, also among the members of the UNESCO Clubs, aimed at demonstrating negotiation models.

National campaign on Energy Consumption (05/02/2008)

The campaign was launched under the patronage of the Prime Minister, and in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program, in order to raise awareness regarding energy consumption and its impact on global warming. A number of ambassadors, and UN associations’ representatives attended the meeting, along with the representatives of the sector of productivity in Lebanon, notably financiers, industrials, and educators. 270 000 posters and educational brochures were distributed to Lebanese schools; and around 2000 students watched the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” screened in many theatres, whereas the younger ones watched a cartoon entitled “Albert says” in their schools.