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Ceremony for launching “Beirut, World Book Capital” (25/04/2009)

In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, and within the framework of the ceremony that was organized under the patronage and in the presence of the President of the Republic of Lebanon, General Michel Sleiman, LNCU arranged for the participation of a large number of teachers and hundreds of students from associated schools in the ceremony.

“National Youth Policy” workshop for ASPnet students (04/04/2009)

The workshop was organized in collaboration with UNESCO Office within the framework of the “Lebanese Youth Participation and Empowerment Project”, being a joint project among the UN Youth Task Force member agencies and the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Lebanon, to support decision-making in the process of formulation and adoption of a National youth policy in Lebanon. The workshop gathered 55 students from 26 public and private associated schools, and addressed the following themes: citizenship, social and national integration, and youth participation in political life; employment and economic participation; demographic characteristics and immigration; education and cultural life; health and safety; sports and scouting movements, and youth organizations.

Awareness and training sessions on “The Rights of the Child” (20, 27, 28/03/2009) & (8-9/05/2009)

The National Commission and UNICEF, in collaboration with Arab Resource Collective, organized an awareness meeting for school principals, teachers and parents, followed by a series of workshops, and an evaluation session. 111 teachers representing 58 schools from both public and private sectors, were trained with the objective of raising the awareness on the rights of the child, equipping the participants with the needed skills to have the concepts of the Convention implemented in the daily interaction with students, and coming up with a pedagogical manual on the most creative approaches to the rights of the child and their applications to be widely diffused in all regions of Lebanon.

Closing ceremony of the “Lebanese Youth Cultural Reconciliation” project (24/01/2009)

The ceremony which was organized, in collaboration with the UNESCO Beirut Office, under the patronage of the Minister of Culture Mr. Tamam Salam, and with the support of the Norwegian government, in the framework of early recovery Lebanon in the aftermath of July 2006 war, took place at the UNESCO Palace Beirut, and comprised several episodes: 3 documentaries, one about the making of the project, the second “Byblos: an open book of cultural heritage” and the third “Beirut down town, a space for inter-religious dialogue”; 2 short plays “Happy Marriage” and “Glass Eyes”; 2 portrays of physical expressions “Iyab” and “Taym – Spiritual Enlightenment”; in addition to the exhibition of “Koulouna Lil Watan” drawings and “Heritage, Religion and the Other” photography. Those art works were to translate the concepts, which were delivered to the 300 participating students coming from all districts of Lebanon, mainly heritage; cultural aspects of religious ceremonies; acknowledgement of the other; and citizenship in terms of rights and duties.

Training sessions on “Media Education” (11-12/12/2008)

The training sessions were organized in collaboration with the UNESCO Beirut Office, and with the participation of around 30 teachers from several associated schools. Two experts resorted to applied exercises to better clarify the overall conceptions and functions of media education. Used to that end, was the Media Education Guide, published by UNESCO on the topic.