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Workshop on Human Rights Education (22/10/2010), (10/12/2010)

In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Amnesty International – Beirut, and Asala for Publishing and Distribution, the Lebanese National Commission and Unesco Beirut Office co-organized a training session on Human Rights Education. The workshop aimed at enhancing the skills of 26 teachers from 22 associated schools in the domain of Human Rights, using to that end as a tool a publication titled “We are all born free”, published by Asala and Amnesty International. The workshop resulted in the drafting of a teacher’s guide that was launched on the occasion of the International Day for Human Rights.




“Cultural Reconciliation” Project – Phase II (Tripoli, 27/04/2010), (Zahle, 29/04/2010), (Tyre, 07/05/2010), (Beirut, 14/05/2010), (Mount Lebanon, 08/06/2010), (Nabatieh, 15/06/2010)

Series of workshops were organized by the Lebanese National Commission and Unesco Beirut Office, as a follow-up to, and way of reinforcing the outcomes of, phase one of the project “Lebanese Youth Cultural Reconciliation” for students (25/10/2008-24/01/2009). The workshops aimed at training as many teachers coming from public and private schools, located in the six Lebanese districts, and equipping them with the needed skills to have the concepts of the Cultural Reconciliation applied in their daily interaction with their students. The workshops ultimately intended to raise the students’ awareness with regards to heritage and religious diversity, cultural dialogue, acceptance of the other, also to enhance their citizenship and to reinforce synergy and cooperation between them.


cr tripoli

Tripoli (27/04/2010)

cr zahle

Zahle (29/04/2010)

cr tyre

Tyre (07/05/2010)

cr beirut

Beirut (14/05/2010)

cr mount lebanon

Mount Lebanon (08/06/2010)

cr nabatieh

Nabatieh (15/06/2010)

Training sessions on “World Heritage in Young Hands” kit (Marjeyoun, 30-31/10/2009), (Saida, 12-13/11/2009), (Tyre, 4-5/12/2009), (Byblos, 19-20/03/2010), (Beirut, 09/10/2010)

The Lebanese National Commission and UNESCO Beirut Office co-organized a series of training sessions around the kit “World Heritage in Young Hands” targeting teachers from public and private schools in Marjeyoun and Hasbaya, in Saida, Tyre, Mount Lebanon and Beirut. Participants were introduced to the kit and were equipped with skills for raising students’ awareness regarding the importance of preserving the Heritage expressions, whether they are local, national or international.

Workshop in collaboration with ALF on “Challenges of Religious Diversity at School in the Euro-Mediterranean Region” (27-29/05/2009)

The National Commission, being the Head of the Lebanese National Network for Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures, organized in partnership with the secretariat of ALF, a regional teacher-training workshop on the resource “How to cope with diversity at school: teaching and learning about religious diversity”. The main objectives were to present the teaching resource to national bodies and organizations working in related fields, train teachers to use the resource in their daily work, encourage networking among teachers in the Euro-Med region and prepare a core group of multipliers concerning issues of educating about religious diversity. The workshop brought together teachers from the Eastern Mediterranean area (Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Morocco, and Lebanon) and from Western Europe (Belgium, Ireland, The Netherlands, UK, France, Sweden, Portugal and Spain).