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Project on “Diversity and Learning to Live Together” (01/10/2010 - 09/06/2011)

In the framework of the project launched in October 2010 and concluded in June 2011, the Lebanese National Commission for Unesco and Adyan Foundation co-organized a series of workshops that targeted 120 students and 24 teachers coming from 12 public schools in the 6 Lebanese districts. The project aimed at establishing a network of students having diversified religious and geographic backgrounds. To that end, the participating teachers were trained on issues of diversity and coexistence, equipped with skills to undertake extracurricular activities, and to offer an open space for students to interact and learn about each other’s religion, culture and geographic background. As an outcome of the project, clubs of dialogue were established in the participating secondary schools, dealing with issues of knowing the other. Also, a charter was drafted by the students and presented to educational officials and religious figures at the closing ceremony, demanding the inclusion of the “Cultural Concepts of Religions” in the school curricula.








Roundtable on “Quality Education and Gender Equality in Lebanon” (09/05/2011)

On the occasion of the Global Action Week for Education for All, which focused around “Education for girls and women now. It’s a right, make it right!”, the Lebanese National Commission and Unesco Beirut Office co-organized a roundtable on “Quality Education and Gender Equality in Lebanon”. The roundtable aimed at shedding light on current legislative and educational policies that govern the quality and gender equality in Lebanon, also the degree to which the curricula and university specializations observe gender equality. The roundtable also aimed at raising awareness regarding the role played by quality education in ensuring access of girls and women to their full rights in all areas, especially at work and decision making positions.


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Workshop on “Education for Sustainable Development” (28/04/2011)

The workshop was organized by the Lebanese National Commission in collaboration with Unesco Beirut Office, Makhzoumi Foundation and the Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development. Number of school teachers, as well as representatives of civil society organizations working in the field of environment and volunteerism, participated in the workshop, which aimed at introducing the Unesco training kit “Teaching and learning for a sustainable future” and the bulletin “Youth… together towards sustainable development” to the participants, also at equipping them with skills to engage the students and youth in a number of developmental activities. The workshop was concluded with having around 63 students plant trees at Saint Saviour Monastery.


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Award Ceremony for the School Competition “Best Choice and Reading of a Prose Text” (21/02/2011)

On the occasion of both the International Mother Language Day and the Arab Language Day, the Lebanese National Commission organized an award ceremony for the winners of a school competition “Best Choice and Reading of a Prose Text”. 48 students coming from 21 schools, members of the ASPnet, participated in the competition through choosing prose texts from modern Arabic literary works by Lebanese publishing houses. The students were evaluated by a jury on the basis of the text chosen and their oral mastery of the Arabic Language.


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Training Session for Teachers of Kindergarten Children (24-27/11/2010)

In collaboration with the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO), the Lebanese National Commission organized a training session for 26 teachers from 12 schools, members of the ASPnet, to provide them with the most up to date pedagogical approaches set by ALECSO in the domain of early childhood education.