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Seminar on "Role of Youth in the face of contemporary challenges and the promotion of UNESCO's values and objectives" (Collège Oriental Basilien - Zahle, 27/11/2013)

To celebrate Zahle’s designation as a UNESCO City of Gastronomy, the Lebanese National ‎Commission for UNESCO organized, under the patronage of H.E. Minister of Culture Eng. Gaby ‎Layoun and in cooperation with the Collège Oriental Basilien – Zahle, a seminar on “Role of youth in the ‎face of contemporary challenges and the promotion of UNESCO values and objectives”.‎

The goal of the seminar was to introduce the young students from public and private schools to the ‎programs of UNESCO, to the role of the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO, to the ‎associated schools network and to the UNESCO Clubs. ‎

The seminar was attended by former deputy Mr. Salim Aoun; Mother Daniella Harrouk, Superior ‎General of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Lebanon; Dr. Georges Maatouk, Director of ‎Zahle-Bekaa Antonine University campus; Deputy Mayor of Zahle Mr. Edouard Hatem; President of the ‎Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of the Bekaa region and Zahle, Mr. Edmond Jreissati; ‎Colonel Georges Doumit; Archimandrite Abdallah Assi representing Archbishop Issam John Darwish; ‎Archimandrite Theodore Ghandour representing Metropolitan Esperidon Khoury; as well as a number of ‎school principals and teachers and around 300 students from the following public and private schools in ‎Zahle: Jesus the King School, Evangelical School, Saint Elias School of the Holy Family Sisters, Zahle ‎Public High School for girls, Hoch Al Omara Public School, Saint Joseph College of Antonine Sisters, ‎Sacred Heart School of the Jesuite Sisters, and Collège Oriental Basilien.‎






















Closing Ceremony of the Project "Promoting the Culture of Living Together among Youth in Tripoli" (Safadi Cultural Center – Tripoli – Maarad, 20/09/2013)

A closing ceremony of the project "Promoting the Culture of Living Together among Youth in Tripoli" ‎was organized by the UNESCO Regional Office in Beirut and the Lebanese National Commission, in ‎collaboration with the Safadi Foundation at the Safadi Cultural Center on 20 September 2013.‎
The ceremony was held under the patronage of the Minister of Education and Higher Education, Prof. ‎Hassan Diab, represented by Mrs. Nahla Hamati Nehme in the presence of a large number of ‎academic personalities. ‎

After the national anthem, the National Coordinator of UNESCO Associated Schools and Clubs, Ms. ‎Christiane Jeitani, thanked the participating schools principals, teachers and students for embracing ‎the project, and Beit El Fan – Tripoli for hosting the rehearsals from March to September, as well as the ‎Safadi Foundation staff for their cooperation in organizing the closing ceremony.‎

The representative of the Safadi Foundation and Director of the Social Development Sector, Mrs. ‎Samira Baghdadi stressed the importance of such project which targeted youth and aimed at ‎developing sense of citizenship and their belonging to a same region, as well as promoting acceptance ‎of others. She explained that the Safadi Foundation is implementing a series of programs and projects ‎within the same framework in order to strengthen national cohesion.‎

The Secretary General of the Lebanese National Commission, Prof. Zahida Darwiche Jabbour ‎emphasized the friendly and fraternal atmosphere that marked the encounters between the young ‎students, despite the tensions that prevailed in the region, noting that thanks to the workshops on ‎heritage – with Dr. Jean Yasmine, and on the dialogue of cultures and religions – with Ms. Rita Ayoub, ‎on one hand, the students were able to identify the common denominators of their national identity and ‎the unique characteristics of the city of Tripoli, known for the diversity and solidarity of its people. On ‎the other hand, thanks to their participation in the plastic arts workshop – with Mr. Joe Honein, and ‎theater – with Mr. Gabriel Yammine, students realized that they shared the same dream, same problem, ‎and same path towards the future: education, solidarity and respect of the values of justice and peace.‎

The Representative for the UNESCO Regional Office in Beirut, Eng. Joseph Kreidi, Programme Officer/ ‎Culture Sector, explained that the project “Promoting the Culture of Living Together among Youth in ‎Tripoli” was launched, because the UNESCO Regional Office, being aware of the impact of armed ‎conflicts on the lives of youth and on their acceptance of the Other, wanted to bring peace and hope for ‎the youth in Tripoli,  by teaching them how to work together, resolve difference through dialogue and ‎discussion rather than conflict.‎

The highlight of the closing ceremony was the play entitled “Story of Youth” which was written by ‎Gabriel Yammine, and depicted the daily situation, sorrow, fear and misery of the students of Jabal ‎Mohsen and Bab el Tebbaneh. Their art work was also exhibited under the title “You and I, Us”.‎
















Launching of the Project “Promoting the Culture of Living Together among Youth in Tripoli” (6-7/04/2013)

UNESCO Regional Beirut Office and the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO launched the project “Promoting the Culture of Living Together among Youth in Tripoli” on Saturday, April 6 at Beit el Fann in Tripoli, with the participation of school principals, teachers and around 40 students from the following public high schools: Andre Nahas Girls Public High School, Kobbeh II Public Mixed High School – Tripoli, Kobbeh Public Mixed High School.

The opening ceremony included speeches presented by the Representative for the UNESCO Beirut Office, Eng. Joseph Kreidi, Programme Officer/ Culture Sector, and the Representative for the Lebanese National Commission, Ms. Christiane Jeitani, National Coordinator of UNESCO Associated Schools and Clubs. Students then participated in two workshops; one moderated by Ms. Rita Ayoub, Coordinator of the Training Programme on Islamic-Christian Dialogue, at the Institute for Islamic-Christian Studies at Saint-Joseph University on “Culture of dialogue and accepting the other”; and the other by Dr. Jean Yasmine, and engineer and professor at the Lebanese University on “Heritage and common values”.

The students will translate their understanding and awareness of these concepts through artistic workshops: theatre with actor Gabriel Yammine; and plastic arts with painting artist Joseph Honein. The workshop will result in a scenic play and painting exhibitions to be held in Tripoli.  

The workshop will last till May 2013, and aims at promoting the culture of dialogue and mutual respect, accepting the other, breaking the psychological barriers and fear towards the other, understanding the heritage and what it entails from common values and its role in promoting civil peace, as well as developing the students’ sense of creativity and cultural expression, and establishing a network of solidarity among youth belonging to a same city and nation.


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