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Second workshop for UNESCO ASPnet schools on Teacher professional competencies: The ‎‎“Whole-School Approach” (16-17/10/2015)‎

UNESCO Beirut Office organized in cooperation with the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO the ‎second workshop for UNESCO ASPnet schools on “Teacher professional competencies: The Whole-‎School Approach challenge”, as a follow-up for the first workshop that was held in April 2013 in Al-Bustan ‎Hotel in Beit Meri.‎
Around 65 principals and teachers from ASPnet schools participated in the workshop, as well as ‎educational experts from the United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Romania, United Kingdom ‎and Lebanon. The opening session included speeches from the National Coordinateur of ASPnet Schools ‎and UNESCO Clubs Ms. Christiane Jeitani, representing the Secretary General of the Lebanese National ‎Commission, and from the Programme Specialist for Curriculum, Teachers and Higher Education at the ‎UNESCO Office Dr. Dakmara Georgescu. The workshop also included an introductory presentation of the ‎concept and practices of the “whole school approach” (benefits and challenges) by the International expert, ‎Mr. David Peck, and presentations from the following schools on their achievements and experiences in ‎implementing the Whole School Approach: Saint Georges School – Haret Hreik and Hadath, the Lebanese ‎Maronite Order, Al-Hadi Institute for Deaf and Blind, Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association of Beirut, ‎Imam Al-Sadr Foundation – Tyre and Mostafa Shomran High School – Tyre; in addition to a Romanian ‎school.‎
Participants also contributed to a critical review of the Arabic and English versions of the draft WSA ‎Handbook in view of its finalization and publication.