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Under Development

Youth Mobile Apps Project (LAU Beirut Campus, October - December 2015)‎

As part of the Youth Mobile initiative, UNESCO Office in Beirut and the Lebanese National Commission for ‎UNESCO organized in collaboration with the Lebanese American University a series of workshops for ‎teachers and secondary school students in an effort to integrate programming skills and computing thinking ‎concepts in the education system in Lebanon.‎
UNESCO’s Youth Mobile initiative is a new endeavor that targets engaging young women and men to ‎develop mobile applications, in a time when the number of smart phones is rising exceptionally in ‎developing countries. Realizing the major employment opportunities that are created by teaching students to ‎develop mobile applications, UNESCO and its partners strive to provide young people with the high-level ‎skills and confidence to develop, promote, and sell locally relevant mobile apps. Those apps, directly related ‎to everyday problems, are intended to solve local issues of sustainable development, and provide ‎employment.