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The Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) - Lebanon, which was set up as early as 1994, is a network of schools designed to strengthen the commitment of children and young people to actively strive to promote peace as well as national and international understanding and respect for human rights and democracy.

The Lebanese National Commission for Unesco is the only authorized body in Lebanon that is entitled to establish such a Lebanese network of schools.

The activities of ASPnet - Lebanon have been so far channeled into Unesco's four major areas of concern and cluster around the following:

o World concerns and the role of the United Nations System
o Education for sustainable development
o Peace and Human rights
o Intercultural learning

ASPnet Lebanon comprises 50 schools, both public and private, of different educational levels (primary, intermediate, secondary and technical) and come from different geographical districts.

How to Become an Associated School


Interested schools may adopt the following directives:

1. Get in touch with the ASP National Coordinator at LNCU.

2. Read the ASPnet documents.

3. Complete an application form and specify activities that are being undertaken, indicating the goals and nature thereof. The application form shall be examined by the National Commission and transmitted to Unesco Headquarters for revision and approval.

Role and Function of an Associated School

An associate school needs to meet the following requirements:

o Designate a coordinator to liaise with the National Commission and the school.
o Execute the project described in the application form.
o Involve students, teachers and parents in the project.
o Inform the National Commission of the steps taken to execute the project.
o Write an annual report that describes in detail the school project and the other executed activities.

The Associated Schools annual reports are duly sent to Unesco Headquarter.

Advantages of Participating in the ASPnet - Lebanon

Participating schools in the ASPnet may carry the following advantages:

o Obtain a membership certificate signed by Unesco Director General.
o Have a link with Unesco and with all the other UN agencies as well as the Associated schools of the world.
o Partake in national projects organized by the National Commission and in regional and international projects organized by Unesco.
o Exchange information and materials.
o Learn new educational skills and latest techniques on national and international levels.
o Receive documents and regular newsletters produced by Unesco or other international organizations.
o Use the ASPnet emblem.
o Have its activities enlisted in the national and international newsletters.

List of Associated Schools

Logo ASPnet Eng




1. Laure Moghaizel Public High School for Girls

2. Zahia Kaddoura Public High School for Girls

3. Dr. Hassan Saab Mixed Public High School

4. Achrafieh Public High School for Boys

5. International College

6. Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association of Beirut

7. Hariri High School II

8. Rawdah High School

9. Louise Wegmann College

10. Manara Intermediate Public School for Girls

11. Al-Ahliah School

12. Lycée Franco-Libanais - Verdun

13. Zahrat El-Ihsan School

14. Heritage College

15. Al-Hadi Institute for Deaf and Blind

16. Al-Kawthar Secondary School

17. Hariri School III

18. Palace of Modern Culture



19. National Maronite School - Baalbek

20. Jawdat Rustom Haidar Public High School for Girls - Baalbek

21. Collège Oriental Basilien - Zahle

Mount Lebanon

22. Ecole du Saint Enfant Jésus des Soeurs de la Charité - Besançon - Baabdath

23. L'Athénée de Beyrouth - Bsalim

24. Saint Joseph School - Mtein

25. Al Manar Modern School

26. Saint Anthony's College - Hammana

27. Saint John the Baptist School - Ain El Rihani

28. Saint Georges School - Haret Hreik and Hadath

29. Lycée Franco-Libanais - Nahr Ibrahim

30. Institut Technique des Saints-Coeurs - Bauchrieh

31. Hammana Public High School

32. Sainte Famille Française - Fanar

33. Hussein Massoud Public High School - Bchamoun

34. Collège Notre Dame de Jamhour

35. Deutsche Schule und Kindergarten - Jounieh

36. Institut Moderne du Liban - Fanar

37. Sagesse High School - Ain Saade

38. Saint Georges School - Bsalim

39. Lycée d'Orient

40. Montana International College

41. Beirut Evangelical School for Girls and Boys - Rabieh

42. Antonine International School - Ajaltoun

43. Central College of the Lebanese Monks - Jounieh

44. Safra Public High School

45. College of the Young Girl of Lebanon - Beit Hebbak

46. Saint Roch College - Kleiat

North Lebanon

47. Azm School - Tripoli

48. Institut National du Monastère Maronite - Chekka

49. North Lebanon College - Zgharta

50. Lycée Franco-Libanais Alphonse de Lamartine - Tripoli

51. Al Murabi Fadl Al Moukaddam Public High School for Girls - Tripoli

52. Rawdat Al Fayhaa High School - Tripoli

53. Dar Attarbieh Wattaalim - Tripoli

54. Saint Georges School - Achache


South Lebanon

55. Our Lady of Annunciation School - Rmeich

56. Mostafa Shomran High School - Tyre

57. Bilal Fahs High School - Nabatieh

58. Mohammad Saad High School - Tyre

59. Rafic Hariri High School - Saida

60. Nabatieh Public High School for Girls

61. Saida Public High School for Girls

62. Imam Al-Sadr Foundation - Tyre

63. Hajj Bahaa El-Dine Hariri School

64. Cadmous College - Tyre