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Under Development

Launching of the “Lebanese Youth Cultural Reconciliation project – Universities”: workshop I – Beirut (4-6/07/2008)

The project was launched under the patronage of the Minister of Education Dr. Khaled Kabbani, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture, and the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Sciences (ALECSO). The first workshop covered Beirut region and gathered around a hundred university students. It aimed at building skills for conflict resolution, enhancing citizenship, tolerance, respecting diversity and accepting the other. Five main themes were tackled, notably the cultural aspects of religions; citizenship in terms of rights and roles; team work and community service; conflict resolution and negotiation models; building bridges with the other and enhancing synergy and cooperation. The closing session was dedicated to an overall assessment whereby the participants expressed their positive evaluation of the workshop, especially its success in breaking the preset psychological barriers, and enhancing citizenship, openness, mutual understanding, and solidarity, also in raising awareness with regards to cultural diversity and acceptance of the other.

Seminar on “Mother Language: Approaches to Practices and Functions” (21/02/2008)

The seminar was organized under the patronage and the presence of the Minister of Education Dr. Khaled Kabbani, and on the occasion of the International Day of Mother Language, and the International Year of Languages. Three major themes were tackled by experts and academics: “the Mother Language and academic life”; “the Mother Language and daily life tasks”; and “language in political speeches and slogans”. A number of educators, media representatives, linguistics, and those concerned attended the seminar.

Launching of the “Youth Participation in Community Development and Social Change” project (17/02/2008)

The project, which took around 8 months to be finalized, was launched in collaboration with the municipality of Tripoli, and Massar Association. It aimed at training a group of university students to be engaged in community services. The training program included an overview on municipalities and their tasks and fields of work, especially the recovery of the local society, on the basis of citizenship, public welfare, synergy and cooperation; they were trained as well to prepare and execute activities that serve the community. As a result, participants came up with a number of activities, among which: a visit to the South of Lebanon, to get an idea about the living conditions in other Lebanese regions; a project on public safety and car accidents; a bulletin on healthy diet, that was broadly distributed during Ramadan; creating a website to ensure a wider visibility of the project and attract youth to get more involved in community services.