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The Reading Crisis in Lebanon (Biel, 1/12/2015)

On the occasion of the Beirut 59th Annual International Arab Book Fair, the Lebanese National Commission ‎for UNESCO organized in cooperation with the Arab Cultural Club, a roundtable on “The Reading Crisis in ‎Lebanon”, with the participation of cultural and academic institutions.‎

The opening ceremony included speeches from the Secretary General of the Lebanese National ‎Commission Dr. Zahida Darwiche Jabbour, from the chairwoman of the Cultural Committee of the Arab ‎Cultural Club Novelist Nermin Khansa, and Prof. Omar Fadel.‎

The roundable was moderated by Dr. Zahida Darwiche Jabbour and animated by Dr. Michel Jeha, Ms. ‎Maryam El-Hajj, Mr. Imad Khalil, Dr. Nathalie Khoury, Mr. Patrick Rizkallah, Dr. Rafif Rida Sidawi and Ms. ‎May Menassa.‎