‎Baakline Day in Tripoli on the occasion of the International Day of Peace (Azm Cultural Center, 19/09/2015)‎

On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, and in an effort to strengthen the bridge of communication and ‎dialogue, the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO organized in collaboration with Azm Cultural Center (Beit el-‎Fann) a cultural event entitled “Baakline Day in Tripoli”.‎
After a visit to the souks of Tripoli, the mosques and churches with Dr. Said Wali, lunch at the restaurant of the silver ‎shore, and a visit to the streets of the seaport with Dr. Jean Touma, a cultural evening took place at Beit el-Fann in the ‎presence of academic personalities and university students. In her opening speech, Dr. Zahida Darwiche Jabbour ‎highlighted the fact that this event was organized on the occasion of the international day of Peace and Eid Al-Adha, ‎stressing that poetry is a literary art most capable of strengthening the feeling of national belonging, and consolidate the ‎values of mutual understanding, peace and reconciliation between man and his social and natural environment. The ‎evening was animated by Dr. Khaled Tadmori, with the participation of Dr. Hachem Al-Ayoubi, Dr. Hadi Eid, Dr. Chawki ‎Hamdan, followed by poems reading by Mr. Fawzi Alameddine from the Forum of Poetry in Baakline, and Mr. Saadeddine ‎Chalak and Mr. Abdel Karim Chneineh from the Forum of Poetry in Tripoli. Students from the Faculty of Letters read a ‎selection of poems by Fayhaa Poet Saba Zreik.‎