Regional training workshop on “Memory of the World: Preservation and Promotion of the Arab region ‎Documentary Heritage” (20-22/05/2015)‎

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, H.E. Mr. Raymond Araygi, the Lebanese National Commission for ‎UNESCO, in collaboration with UNESCO – Communication and Information Sector, UNESCO Regional Office in Beirut ‎and the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) organized a three-day regional training ‎workshop on “Memory of the World: Preservation and Promotion of the Arab region Documentary Heritage” for French-‎speaking Arab countries, from May 20 till 22, 2015. ‎

The workshop, convened in the framework of the 70th anniversary of UNESCO, brought together representatives from ‎
Middle East and North Africa countries (Algeria, Djibouti, the Comoros Islands, Mauritania, Morocco, Somalia and ‎Tunisia), and representatives of Lebanese academic and cultural institutions, as well as two experts, Ms Frederique ‎Bazzoni, a member of UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register Sub-committee, and Mr. Abdelaziz Abid, former Head ‎of the Memory of the World Programme.‎

The workshop aimed at offering participants an overview of UNESCO’s heritage programmes, in general, and the ‎functioning of the Memory of the World Programme, in particular. The participants acquired practical skills and ‎knowledge on how to use the MoW Register Companion, to identify and select items for nomination, to use the selection ‎criteria, and what to do in case of their nomination being rejected. They got acquainted with some past examples of ‎inscriptions on the Register and with the significance of establishing national and regional MoW committees. The training ‎also focused on the crucial role of the Memory of the World Register in increasing global awareness about the existence ‎and the significance of documentary heritage. ‎