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Musical concert “Music in Dialogue” (19/06/2008)

The musical concert was organized under the patronage of the Minister of Culture, Dr. Tarek Mitri, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the National Commission, being the Head of Network for ALF, and within the framework of the 1001 actions campaign, launched by the Foundation on the occasion of the European year for intercultural dialogue. A large number of officials, ambassadors, and media representatives attended the concert in the Father Jesuits Church. And for the first time on stage, Dr. Walid Gholmieh – director of the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music, led both the National Symphony Orchestra, and the Arabic Oriental Orchestra, with their chorus, presenting more than 250 performers. The music symbolized the language of the Euro-Med cultural dialogue, emphasizing on the importance of coexistence and understanding between the two cultures, and building somehow a bridge of spiritual and mental communication with the other.