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Closing Ceremony of the ALF Lebanese Network Activity (Le Commodore Hotel - Hamra, 20/10/2014)

The Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO, Head of the Lebanese network for the Anna Lindh Euro-‎Mediterranean Foundation for the dialogue between cultures, held a closing ceremony for the Common Action completed ‎in 2014 by institutions of civil society that are members of the Lebanese network. Various projects implemented in ‎different regions in Lebanon under the theme "Urban space: a factor of solidarity, unity and sharing in our daily life" were ‎presented, among which:‎

‎- A 20-minute documentary on the positive experiences of both Druze and Christian people during the Lebanese war, as ‎an attempt to highlight the positive collective memory (Institute for Islamic-Christian Studies at Saint Joseph University)‎
‎- A pilot project stressing on the participatory approach, involving stakeholders in identifying problems and developing ‎solutions regarding the water issues in the Ras el Ain region in Baalbeck (Ibrahim Abdel Al Foundation for sustainable ‎development and Nahnoo Association)‎
‎- A survey on “Lebanese youth: a future of conflicting identities” towards a national belonging respecting diversity and ‎human dignity (Global Forum for Religions and Humanity and World Youth Alliance)‎
‎- A movable exposition of photographs circulated in schools to introduce the students to Lebanese history and social life ‎during the beginning of the 1920s (Balamand University and Biladi)‎
‎-  Reading workshops in Beirut Tripoli on themes related to civic rights (Asala Publishers and Assabil)

Dr. Zahida Darwiche Jabbour, Secretary General of the Lebanese National Commission, delivered a speech for the ‎occasion in the presence of member organizations and institutions. ‎


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