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Closing Ceremony of the Common Action implemented by ALF Lebanese Network (04/06/2013)‎

The Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO, being the Head of the Lebanese network of the Anna ‎Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the dialogue between cultures, held a closing ceremony for the ‎Common Action completed in 2013 by institutions of civil society that are members of the Lebanese ‎network. Various projects implemented in different regions in Lebanon under the theme "engaging youth in ‎intercultural dialogue" were presented. Some targeted children through book publications and reading ‎workshops; others targeted youth through workshops and dialogue cafés; while others demonstrated artistic ‎creativity.‎
Participants included Mr. Andreu Claret, Executive Director of the Foundation, who gave a speech for the ‎occasion, Dr. Zahida Darwiche Jabbour, Secretary General of the Lebanese National Commission, Dr. ‎Antoine Messarra Member of the Advisory Board of the Foundation and Ms. Rasha Shaaban Programme ‎Officer of the Network Coordination Unit at the Anna Lindh Foundation, as well as a number of members of ‎the Lebanese network.‎


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