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Round table on the book of Ghazi el-Aridi “Arabs with No Cause” (22/02/2013)

In her intervention at the round table organized by the Beirut Arab University (BAU), the Secretary General presented a critical analysis of the book, highlighting the lucidity of its author, who has a clear vision of the political situation in the Arab world in general, and in Lebanon in particular, in describing the risks and dangers the region faces, calling for vigilance, especially since we are probably on the threshold of a "Sykes-Picot" again.





Workshop of Adyan Foundation for the development of the "Charter on Religious Diversity and Inclusive Citizenship Education" (05/02/2013)

The Secretary General participated in the workshop organized by Adyan foundation for the development of the Charter on Religious Diversity and Inclusive Citizenship Education. In her speech at the opening session, she mentioned that the concept of citizenship as it appeared in the West with the French Revolution disregards the religious dimension of identity according to a secular vision of the state based on the separation between religion and state, noting that the inclusive citizenship of religious diversity is a new concept that would meet the requirements of eastern societies that include diverse religious communities and where religion is an essential component of identity.

Seminar on “Gender-based Violence in Schools and Universities” (20/12/2012)

The Secretary General participated in the seminar organized by La Sagesse University in partnership with the UNESCO Regional Office in Beirut on the study carried out by experts from the University on gender-based violence in schools and universities. In her speech at the opening session, she questioned the role of gender stereotypes conveyed by textbooks, as well as power relations governing patriarchal societies, noting that violence can originate in fear of the other in general and of women in particular.

Al-Qurain Cultural Festival (Kuwait, 13-16/12/2012)

The Secretary General attended the Al-Qurain Cultural Festival (from December 13-16) and participated in a round table on the “Cultural Challenges in the Arab World” in line with the “Arab Spring”, raising questions about the role of the intellectual, the issue of identity, the structure of the Arab thought and freedom of the writer, concluding with the need to free the mind from the Manichean logic and the trend towards simplification in order to conceive the world in a logic of complexity, plurality and correlation.

Consultation of the Director General with Member States and National Commissions (Muscat, 29/09-01/10/2012)

The Secretary General Prof. Zahida Darwiche Jabbour attended the consultation meeting of the Director-General with member states and national commissions on the preparation of the Medium-Term Strategy, the Programme and Budget for UNESCO, which was held in Muscat - Oman, from 29 September to 1 October 2012, and organized by the Omani Ministry of Education.
The meeting, which was opened by the Minister of Education and President of the Omani National Commission H.E Dr. Madiha Ahmed Al Shaibani, and the Assistant Director-General for External Relations and Public Information Mr. Eric Falt, was attended by eighteen national Commissions in the Arab region, as well as regional directors, and representatives from UNESCO, ISESCO and ALECSO. The meeting concluded with a final report comprising the comments of the National Commissions regarding the new Strategy, the main programmes and basic objectives, as well as proposals concerning the aspirations and needs of the different Arab countries.


UNESCO OMAN consultation

Reading Day at the Islamic Orphanage Institution with the Lebanese Association for Children’s Books (Tripoli, 27/04/2012)

The Secretary General of the Lebanese National Commission attended the reading workshop organized by the Lebanese Association for Children’s Books, at the invitation of the Lebanese Association for encouraging reading and promoting culture of dialogue. The workshop was moderated by Dr. Jolinda Abi Nasr.
The Lebanese Association for Children’s Books offered the orphanage a mobile library with a collection of books for children.



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