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Opening of the Conference “Philosophy and the City” (25/04/2012)

In the framework of the opening of the conference “Philosophy and the City”, held at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences at the Lebanese University-Tripoli Campus on April 25, 2012, the Ministry of Culture organized a ceremony honoring three distinguished intellectual men: the researcher Dr. Motaweh Safadi, the philosopher Dr. Nassif Nassar and the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morrocco Dr. Ali Omlil. The Minister of Culture Mr. Gaby Layoun was represented by Prof. Zahida Darwiche Jabbour.






Meeting of National Commissions at the 189th session of the Executive Board (Paris, 29/02/2012)

The Secretary General participated in the meeting of National Commissions for Unesco, held in Paris, at the 189th session of the Executive Board, during which she presented the work as well as the recent and upcoming activities of the Lebanese National Commission. This was followed by a meeting with Mr. Eric Falt, Assistant Director General for External Relations and Public Information, in order to deliberate over the projects submitted to the participation programme, in terms of their relevance and conformity to the objectives of Unesco.

Regional Seminar on “Developing a Culture of Dialogue and Democracy within the Arab Family: Facts and Prospects” (Le Bristol Hotel, 23/02/2012)

The Secretary General, Dr. Zahida Darwiche Jabbour participated in the regional seminar organized by the Committee for the Follow-Up on Women’s Issues and held in Beirut, on “Dialogue and Democracy within the Arab Family: Facts and Prospects”.
Chairing the round table around a study conducted by experts on the topic of interest, the Secretary General stressed that the formation of a democratic society begins in the family where the individual acquires values behaviors that will influence his representation of the world, of oneself and the other. She also noted that the Arab family remains largely a patriarchal family, governed by the rule of submission to paternal authority, which in turn requires a long-term work to change the behaviors and mentalities, highlighting the role of an education based on listening and dialogue.